• Is the game slow for you?

    Is the game slow for you?

    We are sorry about all the complaints on the 'speed' of the game. The game may be slow on older computers or on computers with not updated graphic drivers.

    The game was created in Stage3D, which is a new Application Programming Interface supporting better creation of 3D games in Flash. As it's very new engine, it doesn't support graphic drivers older than 2009. The best thing to do in order to improve the speed of the game is to update your computer's graphic drivers.

  • What is the Game about?

    What is the Game about?

    LEGO Monster Fighters - The Monsterland Tales online game is a 3rd person adventure game. Your task is to recover all 6 moonstones in order to foil Lord Vampyre's evil plan of eclipsing the sun. Each week a new mission is released and each full moon a new monster area is unlocked! You will visit 6 areas of the Monsterland to fight minions and their Monster bosses. In order to defeat the bosses you must get a hold of the Moonstones which give the Monsters their special powers. Join if you dare!

  • Why should you use your microphone?

    Why should you use your microphone?

    Before you start the game your computer will ask you to grant access to your microphone. This is for a special game feature - Scream fight! On your journey through the Monsterland, Lord Vampyre and his Monsters will try to scare you off. Do not worry though, if you have a microphone on your computer and your voice is powerful enough, you can easily defeat them!

  • Controls


    You control your character in the game using the WASD keys to move and left mouse button to shoot. You can monitor your score, bricks, items and health meter from the main game play screen. If you feel lost check the map or just click on the 'Help' button.

  • Leaderboard


    Before you start the game, you can chose to log in with your LEGO ID so that your high score will be posted on the Monster Fighters Leaderboard. Play against others kids from all around the world or challenge your neighborhood friends. FYI - the leaderboard tracks your best score per 'play'. If you hit the best score for the first time you play the game, it stays as your best score. We wanted all kids to have a possibility to beat the best players.

  • Headquarters


    The Monster Fighters Headquarters is a place where you meet your fellow Monster Fighters, choose your character and enter the Crafting and Trophy rooms.

  • Crafting Room

    Crafting Room

    In the Crafting room, you use the bricks you collect throughout the game to craft valuable items - bombs, health potions and light. There are special varieties of each of these items but you’ll need a recipe for each before you can craft them. Explore the Monsterland to find them.

  • Crafting Tent

    Crafting Tent

    You don't need to go to the HQ Crafting room to craft the items. There are hidden Crafting Tents scattered all around the Monsterland. Whenever you spot one and you have enough bricks, just enter and craft valuable items on the go.

  • Trophy Rooom

    Trophy Rooom

    As you progress through the Monsterland, you will earn valuable trophies. If you are signed in with your LEGO ID each trophy will be stored under your Player Profile and viewable in the Trophy Room. Curious what Achievements you can collect? Visit the Leaderboard sub menu and click on your LEGO ID.

  • Switching Character

    Switching Character

    When you start playing the game, Rodney Rathbone and Frank Rock are ready at your service. You can switch between them in the Headquarters by clicking on the character you want to play with. All characters have different skills and powers. Each one of them is has advantages and disadvantages so you’ll want to them strategically in each of the areas of Monsterland. Try it out.

  • The Midnight Clock

    The Midnight Clock

    The Midnight Clock is a magical device that tranports you to the Monsterland. Use it to enter the game. Whenever you find the Midnight Clock in a room you can use it to return to Headqaurters, when you’re ready to battle more monsters you’ll return to the Midnight Clock checkpoint.

  • Missions


    Each week you have to stop Lord Vampyre's evil plan by defeating him in a new mission. New missions will appear in Headquarters, watch for them.

  • Map


    The Map helps you to navigate through the different areas in Monsterland. Use it when you feel lost. If you see a little crafting pot icon on the map this means that there is a crafting tent in the room, a little clock icon means there is a midnight clock in the room which you can use to return the Headquarters

  • Minions


    Lord Vampyre and his monsters are deploying all kind of scary minions to prevent you from progressing through Monsterland. Watch out, some of them are very dangerous. You will meet evil wolves, bats, snakes, spiders, scarabs, scorpions, will-o-wisps and many more!

  • Boss Battle

    Boss Battle

    At the end of each area, there is a boss waiting to do battle with you. If you can defeat the Monster you’ll recover the Moonstone and get one step closer to foiling Lord Vampyre's plan. Boss battles are very intense, so be prepared. You will need lots of special items and health to beat them!